Voice ProctorTMis an online assessment platform that gives you full control over the online assessment process.

The integrity of an institution’s student assessments is essential in maintaining a good reputation in the world of online education. Schools need to be certain that the assigned student is the person taking the exam and that the student is working independently.

Current proctoring methods require that:

Exams to be taken at a specified, traditionally proctored location. The drawbacks to using this method are that it is inconvenient and costly. or

Exams to be proctored by remote observation of the student via the internet. However, not all PCs are equipped with a webcam and this may seem intrusive and uncomfortable to the students.

With either method, the proctoring requires an additional component to be coordinated with the exam and the school incurs substantial costs to proctor each exam. Voice Proctor requires just a telephone and is extremely cost efficient. Pricing begins at $40/student per year for an unlimited number of exams. This makes it affordable for schools to proctor all online exams and quizzes.


The Voice Proctor™ system is unique and creates an environment that discourages cheating in the first place.

Before the student can take exams using the Voice Proctor™ system, the student registers his/her voice print on the Voice Proctor™ servers using the Voice Proctor™ website in conjunction with a standard telephone. Schools have the option to have the initial voice print registration call made in front of a webcam and to have the student display a government-issued ID during the call-in session. The webcam session can be recorded and stored by Voice Proctor™ and is accessible to the school’s records department at any time. The initial call is the only time a webcam is used within the Voice Proctor™ testing environment.

Voice Proctor™ uses a standard telephone to record voice responses of students at random points during exams by asking them to verbally explain answers given to previous questions. These responses are stored on the Voice Proctor™ servers and can easily be compared with an original voice print that the student gave when he/she signed in to the Voice Proctor™ system for the first time.

In addition, exam questions can be randomized, to prevent students that have completed their exam from sharing exam questions with other students.

For any given exam, schools have the OPTION of setting how many proctored events will occur and for which students. Proctored events can take 4 different forms:

  1. The system calls the student at the beginning of the exam and asks the student to read a passage that appears on the screen.
  2. The system calls the student at a random point during the exam and asks the student to verbally answer a previously answered exam question.
  3. The system calls the student at a random point during the exam and asks the student to verbally explain why a given choice on a previously answered multiple choice question is incorrect.
  4. The system calls the student at a random point during the exam and asks the student to verbally answer a “challenge question” which is a derivative of a previously answered question using altered fact patterns.

All responses are matched to the student's original voice print and are evaluated for correctness based on the student's written response.

Content Management

At the heart of the Voice Proctor™ system lies a powerful and flexible exam content management system. This full featured system gives the user full control over content creation, content management, exam creation and exam grading. Multiple permission levels are available to tailor the users’ access to the specific material.

With Voice Proctor™ your students will find the online assessment process to be simple and intuitive and your instructors will find its features set rich enough for the most specific test environments.


Voice Procotor™ can be configured to be integrated with your existing LMS using the industry standard LTI integration. Schools can use the Voice Proctor API as well for custom integration purposes. Contact us for more information on customization and integration.

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